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I found this post unpublished! Such a shame. I LOVE Rodizio Grill. My favorite Brazilian steakhouse! Read on……
My husband and I had an incredibly busy month  we were ready for a nice dinner. We decided to give Rodizio Grill a try. We had not been there since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago.
We went to dinner last Saturday at 7pm and the first thing I noticed was the wait was so short at the American Fork, Utah location! We were quoted 20 minutes, and we were in our seats under 10 minute. Nice. I hate lines. The restaurant was not huge, but we didn’t feel cramped. There were large groups on either side of us, but the sound didn’t carry so we were able to carry on a meaningful conversation…in between mouthfuls.
We had a waitress, water girl and 3 serving guys take care of us. They all did their jobs wonderfully. It is nice to have that many people taking care of you to make sure you get nice and stuffed! The serving guys were most helpful since we saw them the most and they were able to get the extra things we needed .
Love their gluten free cheese balls
Our favorite appetizer was the little warm cheese bread rolls.We found out they are gluten free. After confirming with three different servers and even the manager, my husband gave one a try. You see, they are GLUTEN FREE and since my husband has Celiac Disease and he can’t eat wheat, barely or rye, he never gets bread when we go out on the town. It was a nice treat for him to get bread while at dinner. That is the first time in 3 years….
Grilled Pineapple is a treat!
LOVE the grilled pineapple too. The edge of it is caramelized through the grilling process which adds a bit of sweetness. The inside is juicy and flavorful.
Get your meat quota for the month! Soooo good!
The meat is perfect. And so many flavors and varieties.  I always forget which is my favorite, but I always figure on the same one on the end. It is the grilled tri-tip I think now. I can’t remember. I will have to go back again to figure it out. :)  I love grilled meats. Lots of flavor, but juicy on the inside. Their meat doesn’t disappoint.
We didn’t have dessert, but of course, they looked great. Our dinner was around $55, and that included the 20+% tip we gave. Now their menu is 90% gluten free if I remember the commercial I saw online. Nice! 
We stuffed ourselves so much we couldn’t eat there every weekend, but for special occasions, it is perfect. Enjoy and Celebrate at Rodizio Grill!
……. that was 3 years ago and we still love it! Now Rodizio Grill’s menu is 95% gluten free and they have even more locations to choose from! Enjoy!

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