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May is Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance Awareness Month. Let’s face it. How long did you go undiagnosed before figuring it out?! It’s all guess, from what I figure, but we think it was two years for my son and 6 years for my husband. We’ll never know, for sure. I feel like we were just lucky. Well, maybe not lucky to have Celiac Disease, but lucky that we found out. It answered so many questions, and solved so many problems when we went gluten free.

May is all about that. Helping others know more about the disease, symptoms, support systems and choices out there for a gluten free life style. Years ago, it was more like a death sentence, at least now there are some good gluten free food options out there. Restaurants are becoming more aware, stores are caring more options, manufacturers are actually making gluten free food that tastes good.

So it’s our turn to turn up the volume, to start raising the awareness in our circles, to start watching out for others. We know through research that 1 out of 22 of our close relatives are more prone to Celiac Disease. Have your children, siblings or parents been tested? Maybe this is the month. When you see that person reading labels or vacillating between gluten free products at the grocery store, do you offer your support or personal favorites? Have you found a restaurant that really knows how to safely take care of their gluten free patrons and do you share that with others? What about your favorite gluten free products?! Have you written a review on Amazon or put it out there on your social media circles.

I think anything we can do to support one another will help make a difference in raising the awareness. Isn’t it time we step up, claim our place and share our views with others. I think so. This month, the month of May, Celiac Awareness Month, is the perfect month to start! May your diets be gluten free, and may you ever be healthy!

Happy Celiac Disease – Gluten Intolerance Awareness Month!!

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