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The other day our computer got ‘infected’ and I just don’t get it. Why would someone, on purpose, spend all that time and brilliant effort to try and infect other peoples computers? They are good. I will give them that. But why waste all that time on something so inherently wrong and annoying.

It is like someone who would spike the punch to see who would get drunk. Ok, maybe it is worse than that. Someone who would put nails in the road to see who would pop a tire. Someone who would…would…I can’t even think who because my brain doesn’t think that way. It just doesn’t.

I just know one thing, I would never want to do business with them or those that benefit from their malware. If they do that, there is no telling what else they will do.

Just venting….. Ok, so let’s turn it around and get back into my happy place.

I love my computer. I love my computer. I love my computer. Good thing I have a second one hanging around to work on. That’s a good thought. Glad I have a cute hubby, that is very frustrated right now, but knows a whole heck of a lot more than I do to fix it. Thankful for a warmer day outside which is where I think I will head out too.

Have a great day. When you run into those annoying, malicious people today. Remember to go to your happy place. You feel much better when you do. I know I do.

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